Why install security software?

Most people may assume that if their computer is working fine, they don't need virus/security software. Every day you send and receive many emails from many sources, friends, family, colleagues and unsolicited. Some emails you receive may look like they have been sent from a reputable entity that you use all the time such as banks and PayPal, but it requires an experienced eye to detect if they are "phishing" emails. Phishing emails come from entities that purport to be from a reputable company and try to fool you into sensitive information such as passwords and bank details. They do this by emulating the documents and forms of the reputable companies. That's one reason for security software.
We all browse the internet for our social or entertainment needs, such as Facebook, YouTube and other sites, and there are millions of websites that offer a multitute of other services. Tech savvy developers are free to design and deliver content to everyone, and every now and then one of them wants to send spam through your email. All they need to do is convince you to press a link in an email or webpage, and the spamming process begins. Once the virus is in place on your computer, it can do almost anything, send spam, send emails to all your friends, find all your login passwords, hang around until you do some banking and then grab your banking passwords, etc.
That's another reason for security software.
If you are working from home or emailing sensitive data, well, in fact anything, install security/virus software.

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