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Hairy Camel Web Solutions build websites that not only look great but drive conversion.

What is more important; a great looking website or one that is user friendly? The simple answer is, both.  Achieving this is not so simple.  Aesthetically pleasing websites with a strong focus on usability and utility is our focus for every website we design.  Get in touch with us today.

How we build great websites

Stage One - The Look

Your potential customers will be influenced by the look of your new website.  Their first impression should be positive.  The look of your design will either increase or decrease their confidence in your brand and what you have on offer.

Stage Two - Usability

From this point on, usability will determine the success or failure of your new website.  User-centric design is so important because your customers are busy people.  They will glance at your pages, scan some of the text and click on the first link that catches their eye.  In a quick click of the mouse they could be gone; often forever.

Usability is Hairy Camel’s standard approach for success.  If you would like to discuss your web design to learn more about our thoughts on design and usability, get in touch with us today.

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