"Smart" Phones

I just can't do without my smartphone. I use it to wake up in the morning with the sound of my favourite Bach music. Phone calls, messaging, tweeting, facebooking, playing games and so on, smartphones have an array of sophistication that improve our daily living.
When mobile phones were first introduced they were large and cumbersome, but they were a triumph - the simple idea of a phone you can take anywhere. When I bought my first mobile phone I had a feeling of reassurance, knowing that I could overcome any communication problem while out and about, no longer shackled to the phone box or the office. I could call a colleague if I was running late for a meeting, or call immediatly during an emergency.
Now smartphones are ubiquitous and packed with useful and evermore powerful functions. Businesses can now have apps built for the convenience of their clients. Apps can notify users or clients of relevant and useful information or special deals depending where they are. Customers can use business apps to make purchases while they are waiting for a train.
Apps are becoming an integral part of business.

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