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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Hairy Camel Web Solutions provides professional services in Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing.  We do this to increase visibility and to help boost your websites conversion.

Everyone with a website wants to be ranked #1 in search engine results.  Whilst it is not possible to guarantee you a number one place overnight, it is possible to assure you that our SEO team will incorporate and exploit your most accurate and high performing keywords, to elevate the status of your website amongst the leading Search Engines.

Today there are thousands of companies offering SEO or online marketing.  Many of them promise quick results.  Be very aware of anyone offering overnight success.  The plain truth is that unless you play dirty and cheat the system (Google want the Search Engine Results to be true and reflective), SEO takes time.  These small SEO companies use what is known in the industry as Blackhat tactics.  Strategies such as link-farming are practised to achieve quick results.  The sad thing is that these practises can work, however only in the short term.  It doesn't take Google and other Search Engine leaders long to identify these tactics as Blackhat SEO tricks. When they do, your site will be black banned.  Don't risk loosing your sites reputation over risky, impatient, downright deceitful tactics.

Our Services

The very first thing we do is ensure that your site is fine-tuned and optimised for the major search engines.  After the necessary changes are made, your site will become easier to find and allow the robots to crawl over your site faster. 


We’re available to discuss your SEO needs over the phone or via e-mail anytime.  Regardless of your immediate concerns, we’ll find a solution that will meet your budget and expectations.  No fly-by-night SEO company will offer this degree of support.


Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of improving the visibility of your website via natural ("organic" is the term used in the industry) or un-paid results.  This is slightly contradictory as we will expect a fee for our work, but in time the need for us to perform fixes and implement strategies will diminish, providing you with results that are un-paid for.  

Good practice SEO is the process of increasing the online presence and Search Engine ranking of your website through clean code, usability and honest strategies.  Contact us any time to discuss how we can help you with your SEO needs.

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