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We build web solutions that encompass Multimedia and Internet Applications.

Multimedia is just that, multiple uses of media.  Whatever is the best fit for the task at hand, we use it. 

Animate your brand with eye-catching digital animation, delivering an exciting effect to your live presentation.  Making a lasting impression on your audience is what you want to achieve.

Clinton Harn heads our Multimedia team.  With vast experience as a filmmaker, musician and recording engineer, both as a practitioner and an educator, his authoritative approach is invaluable to our clients.  Whatever your thoughts and aspirations are on multimedia applications, the team at Hairy Camel will create the perfect solution for your business or organisation.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Digital Video, Storyboarding, Photography and many more.  Contact us to learn more about applying multimedia solutions.

  • Music, Sound & Audio Production
  • Timelapse Footage
  • Audio Recording / Post Production
  • Songwriters for Jingles
  • Voiceovers
  • 3D Animation
  • AV Equipment Hire / Sales
  • CD / DVD Production & Services
  • CD / DVD Replication
  • Camera Crews
  • Corporate Video, Film Production
  • Lighting Hire
  • P.A. Hire
  • Cyclorama Sets, Studio Hire
  • Digital Animation
  • Post Production / Facilities
  • Product Placement - PR
  • Props, Set Design
  • Aerial Photography
  • App Design & Development
  • Architectural Photography
  • Audio Duplication
  • AV Equipment Hire / Sales
  • Print Media
  • Badges & Emblems
  • Banner Stands
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboards & Concept Art
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video, Film Production / Post Production

Video, Film Services

More and more, video is becoming the best way to inform and connect with your target audience.  From concept, treatment to post production, Hairy Camel’s Multimedia team will work with you to ensure your project is a success. 

Whether you want to film a mission statement to camera, capture your special event or create a film that delivers a special message, Hairy Camel will assure your expectations are exceeded.  Our experienced crew have years of successful projects behind us.  Contact us to learn more about your next story, captured as great video.

Event Filming

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.  And if you succeeded, you’ll kick yourself if you didn’t seize the opportunity to capture it on film.  Events captured on film are an invaluable resource.  The vision can be used to satisfy sponsors, promote future event or be part of a behind the scenes collage.  Contact us to learn more about capturing your latest event.

Award Shows

Award ceremonies are extra special events.  Full of glitz and glamour, celebrity and emotion.  We’ve worked on dozens of award ceremony events and understand that stunning, high-impact graphics are vital.

Your audience will best respond to big, bold and bright, at events such as award ceremonies.  One of the elements you'll need to help tie the event sequence along is powerful on-screen graphics.  

But wait, we do much more.  We look after the entire staging of the event from venue hire, catering, entertainment, guest MC to post-event editing of your event video.

Project management is vital to any successful production.  Contact Hairy Camel to discuss how we can help you execute your next Awards Ceremony/Special Event.

Product Launch/Special Presentations

Making a presentation is hard work.  What you ultimately want to do is make your audience sit up and listen.  Your hope is to present your latest information in a clear and concise manner, that portrays you as professional and authoritative.  If you are not a natural born showman (show-woman) you’ll need help.  Script writing, showcraft, voice training services are all available.

Further to this you’ll need great graphics.  Presenting without great visual cues is usually not the recipe for success.  Giving you the confidence, making you look good on stage and providing great background graphics is our primary objective in providing you support. 

With years of experience in live events, contact Hairy Camel to learn how we can assist you in the planning of your next presentation. 

Enquiries:    Level 6/69 Reservoir St, Surry Hills 2010

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