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Your Website and Google Rank Position

For many new website owners that have created their own site, they don't understand why their website is not found on Google's first page, especially after submitting their website to Go

Apple's OSX10 is a 13 year old

It's been 13 years since Apple first introduced it's new Unix based System 10, now a teenager but as mature as a middle aged stalwart dedicated to the Macintosh computer.

Magento e-commerce

Magento is a flexible, stable, scalable platform for e-commerce.

"Smart" Phones

I just can't do without my smartphone. I use it to wake up in the morning with the sound of my favourite Bach music.

Quantum Computers around the corner?

Quantum Computers are the next major leap in computing speed and capability, by using quantum physics. What is quantum physics?

Why install security software?

Most people may assume that if their computer is working fine, they don't need virus/security software.

Recent DNS attack on

On Friday 11 October, a group calling themselves "TeaM MADLEETS" redirected to an alternative IP address. This affected Google Malaysia search online.

Resolving Windows 7 login problem

One of our customers recently contacted us with a major PC Windows 7 problem. He tried restarting and logging in again but got "The User Profile Service failed the logon".

Open Source jQuery

jQuery is a javascript code library that is open source and simplifies client side web scripting. Over 23 million websites around the world currently use jQuery.

Understanding the difference between RGB and CMYK

All of us see examples of RGB and CMYK every day. Check your emails on your computer and you will see RGB images. Read a magazine and you will see CMYK images. So what do they mean?

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