Bespoke web site design

Many web site designers will build web sites from a predesigned template. Web site templates permit a fast delivery because the structure and design of a web site is already built. The designer only needs to modify the colour theme and content of the customer's web site. Web site templates are proven so they tend to be reliable in operation. However, web site templates are usually chosen for simpler web sites with no complex features, but are convenient for low budget and quick delivery.
Bespoke web sites are built from a clean slate, designed with the customer's needs in mind. Sometimes a customer will know exactly what they want in design, usability and function. The developer will then follow the customer's guidelines in web site design and structure. Sometimes the customer will want a unique website with function ideas but no design ideas. In both of these situations, Hairy Camel Web Solutions provide Mockups that are just images of what the web site will look like. The customer can then see what the web site will look like before construction. At the Mockup stage, the design (style, colours, structure) is repeated until the design is satisfactory, then construction commences on the web site.

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