Avoiding Black Hat SEO

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of gaining website page rank in Google search engine results. Google has an informative pdf outlining the best techniques for good SEO, and is generally known as White Hat SEO;


Black Hat SEO is used to gain website page rank by deliberate manipulation of the Google search index. These Black hat methods may attain high page rank temporarily, but will eventually be penalised by Google. The Google search is an algorithm that returns the best search results for any keyword or keywords, and with good web design and White Hat techniques, any site will be listed.

Black Hat techniques include:

  • Keyword Stuffing - adding blocks of keywords on pages in the same colour as the background; repeating the same phrase many times in different ways.

  • Link Farms - when many websites exchange reciprocal links with each other.

  • Doorway Pages - adding pages for every possible keyword to a website or other owned domain sites that funnel users to a single destination.

  • Duplicate Web Pages - identical content copied from other websites, or multiple pages of exactly the same content.

  • Automatically Generated Content - keyword content that is generated programmically by the website that is of no use to the user.

  • Malicious Pages - unexpected results on a page, injecting malware, or executing a file without the user's consent.

Web design firms that engage in Black Hat SEO should be avoided. At Hairy Camel Web Solutions, we build all our client's websites with White Hat SEO.

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